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Sometimes road trips can become too fast-food heavy if you’re trying to avoid the shortcomings of your RV’s kitchen. However, with a few shortcuts, you can enjoy all the fun of cooking while you’re camping without sacrificing nutrition, taste or time.

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For those of you who currently avoid cooking, here’s a list of tips to make that small camper kitchen much more appealing so you can make great food on the road for you and your family.

Slow Cooking, Fast Results
Instead of turning on the stove or the oven and heating up your camper’s interior unnecessarily, why not plug in a slow cooker and have a one-pot meal ready by the time you stop for the night? Slow cookers can take all your ingredients and simmer away all day, shortening prep time and reducing the number of dishes you’ll need to wash. This saves you time and energy while letting you serve a great, flavorful meal to your happy campers at day’s end. You can make a variety of soups, stews, cuts of meat, and even pasta dishes like lasagna in your slow cooker — the recipes available are limitless.
Microwave Power
Fancy cooks may eschew microwave usage, thinking these devices are nothing more than frozen-meal reheaters for the uninspired. However, your microwave can take away the need to boil water and heat things up on the stove, which helps keep your RV cool in hot months. Use the microwave to steam vegetables, cook potatoes in their skins, and make mug cakes for dessert. Plus, the microwave lets you reheat leftovers quickly, allowing you to take advantage of cooking in large batches ahead of time. If you wanted to be really ambitious, you could cook and freeze meals in advance in your home kitchen, then pop them in the microwave for delicious healthy dinners on the road. Don’t underestimate the power of the microwave!
Always Be Cleaning
The reduced square footage of an RV kitchen means you have less space to spread out, so you won’t be able to leave piles of dirty dishes all over the place. Clean as you go: compost your food waste, put away spices and oils, and wipe down counters. If you rinse off dishes as you use them, you can avoid having liquids and sauces crust up, which saves you time later. The fewer dishes you can use, the better, so trying to condense your cooking into one-pot meals can help keep your workspace clear and free up the sink from soaking dishes and dirty pans.
Cook Less Or Cook Outside

If you really want to spare yourself from the confines of your small camper kitchen and keep the interior of your RV as cool as possible, your best bet is simply not to cook. This doesn’t mean hitting up the drive-thru every night — it just means not using heat. Prepare healthy, flavorful salads with lots of vegetables and delicious dressings and add canned tuna or smoked salmon for protein. Make sandwiches and keep lots of different topping options and condiments available. A few bags of chips and a jar of pickles will add interest to this simple meal.

Another option is to cook outside. Grilling doesn’t always have to involve meat, although it’s obviously an excellent way to cook your proteins that’s full of flavor. You can make vegetable kebabs, grilled pizzas on flatbread, cheese on toast, and more. Do a little planning and look up some recipes — you might be surprised at all the options available to you that don’t require your RV’s kitchen at all.

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