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Travel Trailer Space-Saving Tips

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Travel trailers, by their design, are compact. This is an advantage in so many ways, from requiring less fuel to tow to taking less time to wash. But there is one downside – there is limited in space in trailers for all your items. To avoid feeling cramped and overrun with items, you’ll need to be creative. We gathered up the best space-saving tips for travel trailers below. For everything related to trailers, visit Lone Star RV. You’ll find us in Houston, Texas.
Exterior of Travel Trailers
The outside of trailers offers untapped storage opportunity. Many items for outdoor use, such as fold-up chairs, can be conveniently kept in outside storage. You can also buy storage upgrades, such as roof racks, front racks, and rear hitch racks. Keep what you can outside to clear up space inside.
The Kitchen

If you hope to cook anything beyond Cup of Noodles, you’ll need adequate space to store your cooking gear. Pots, pans, cutting boards take up room – and that’s before you bring your ingredients into the picture. The kitchens in travel trailers aren’t known for being roomy.

One strategy is to cook with simple recipes. The fewer spices you’ll need, the less space it’ll require. Try to prioritize recipes only needing one or two pots.

Another approach is to bring frozen or dehydrated foods. They are more compact and let you bypass the cooking process altogether. You can do some meals of this style and some freshly cooked meals. Trailers aren’t built to handle dozens of home-cooked meals in a short time span, so a mixed approach helps you maximize space.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms in trailers tend to run small, especially in regards to the closet. At the same time, clothes tend to be the biggest space suck. So what is a travel trailer owner to do?

Start by minimizing the number of clothing items you take. The fewer items on board, the fewer items that can clutter up your space. You can still look stylish with fewer items. Try searching Pinterest for “minimalist fashion” or “travel fashion”. These mix and match a small number of pieces to create stylish looks.

The Rest of the Trailers

With a little creativity, you can take advantage of other untapped areas of travel trailers. How about the walls? All trailers have them after all! Throw up racks, hooks, and shelves. Keep clothing items, keys, canned foods, books, and other items that often clutter up travel trailers confined to a designed area. Broom holders can keep brooms (and other items such as flashlights) handy for easy grabbing. Shelf side hooks maximize your shelf space. Keep clutter minimized for a clean, tidy travel trailer.

Another creative strategy is to opt for travel trailer size of items. After all, you don’t need a massive bottle of shampoo when you are only gone for a few days. Instead, use travel size products as much as you can. The smaller items take up less space.

Finally, remember your tow vehicle. Store bikes on its roof rack. Place campfire items such as folding chairs in the trunk. Every bit helps right?

For all your travel trailer needs, visit Lone Star RV. Our parts replacement and service department can get your travel trailer running like new. If you are looking to buy, check out our supply of new and used travel trailers. Our friendly staff can help you find the ideal model for your given budget and lifestyle. Be sure to check out our clearance inventory where you can nab a great model at a stellar price. We proudly serve those in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.

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