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Understanding Campground Signs

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It’s pretty easy nowadays to find a suitable campground to park your RV. Whether you’re on an extended trip that takes you across the country with your family or you’re looking for weekend camping fun with a few friends, there are enough options for you to find a good fit. One challenge you might face, however, is understanding the different signs you’ll come across!

To help you have an easier time at the campground, we at Lone Star RV have compiled this guide to the signs you might come across. For more camping tips or to check out RVs for sale in Houston, TX, contact our sales team for further assistance!


When you’re inside a campground, you have to choose a site to park your RV. How do you decide which site will be the best for your needs? Some of the options you’ll have are standard, primitive and premium. A campsite listed as standard is the most common type you’ll find. Here you’ll get standard comforts, such as picnic tables, a fire ring and a paved drive.

Primitive campsites are ideal for those who don’t want any frills and just want to commune with nature, as these sites don’t come with any of the standard comforts. If you like your camping trips to have a bit of luxury, you’ll prefer premium sites. These options come with a number of amenities, including water, electricity, and more. Some of these sites even have laundry facilities and convenience stores.

Most of the time, campsites are numbered to make it easier for you to select the right site when you have to make a booking in advance. Numbers also make it easier for you to find the site once you reach the campground and are ready to disembark!


If there are any needs or preferences you’d like to accommodate when selecting a campground, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with amenity signs. These can be different for different parks, but we’ve rounded up the most popular campground amenities you’ll find across the country.

If a campground is wheelchair-friendly, it’ll have the same or similar symbol you might have seen at other places, with a person in a wheelchair. If there’s a picture of a dog, you can take your pooch along to the park. If you see a sign that circles the picture of a dog and it has a line drawn across it, then your pet isn’t allowed. Other places will simply have a notice stating ‘no pets allowed’.

If you notice one with a few tents pictured, this means the site is large enough to accommodate groups and tents. If you spot a sign that features a plug going into an outlet, the campground offers electric hookup. A picture of a faucet with running water lets you know that you’ll have access to running water.

Symbols for sewers are similar to water symbols but it will be shaped more like a pipe and won’t have a handle. If there’s a car sign, it means you can reach the campsite in your car. In the same way, if you spot a sign that has a trailer on it, you can access the site in your trailer or camper. The large letter ‘P’ you might have spotted in parking lots already; it lets you know parking is available.

If you’re going to be using a generator, check to ensure there’s a sign allowing its use. If you need grills to barbecue, there should be a sign in the area to let you know there’s one nearby. Some campgrounds also offer WiFi so keep an eye out for that symbol! If you’re planning to have a campfire, make sure there’s a sign permitting it. The same goes for fishing. If you see any of these circled with a line through it, it’s safe to assume it’s not permitted in the campsite.

Park Maps

There will be some symbols on park maps to let you know where certain things are located. A lot of these symbols are common enough so you’ll understand them without any help. Some of the signs you’ll notice are for restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, fishing areas, picnic areas, and more. If you want to go boating, look for the sign that shows a boat being loaded into the water. When you’ve got a day of powersports planned, follow the sign with a motorized vehicle on it.

Of course, there are more signs that you might spot at various campgrounds across the nation! There are a lot of helpful books and websites that’ll explain some of the rarer signs you might spot. You also might want to research a few that seem important to you before you head out! If you’re looking for RVs for sale in Houston, TX, get in touch with us at Lone Star RV and we’ll show you our wide selection of models. We welcome all our patrons from Katy, TX!

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