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5 Tips for First Time RVers
RVing is an exciting lifestyle enjoyed by millions of Americans, but it can be a lot to learn when you’re first getting into it. There are a lot of plates to keep spinning when you’re on an RV trip and if you don’t plan ahead you might end up letting a few fall. Luckily, we here at Lone Star RV are RVing pros and we’re here to offer some of our experience to our customers. Read on to learn our five most important tips for first time RVers. When you want to buy your first RV, stop by our Houston, Texas location. We’re near Katy, Galveston, League City, Beaumont, and Conroe and we’re here to help with all your RVing needs!
Make Lists & Plans

With so many things to keep track of in the modern RV, planning ahead makes all the difference in your experience. The more plans you make, the less you’ll have to think about when you actually get on the road. The first plan you should make is a basic itinerary. This will give you the ability to make reservations for campsites at the campgrounds you want to stay at. Making these reservations is extremely helpful because it saves you from the frustration of arriving at a campground only to find it booked up.

Making lists is also very helpful. You should have separate lists for packing, for setting up and tearing down your travel trailer, and even for emptying your blackwater and greywater tanks. You can keep all of these lists together in a binder. Make sure to put plenty of note paper in the binder. This will give you the ability to take notes on your trip and jot down what things could be improved and what things worked well.

Keep Organized
Planning and organization are closely related in RVing because organization allows you to easily implement all of your plans. Organization is also helpful because it helps you make the most out of the limited space you have in an RV. Good organization might involve purchasing organizing products to help divide space more efficiently, and it might also involve putting some time into thinking about the best way to use space. Your energy spent figuring out organizational systems will be rewarded many times over in the amount of energy you would have spent trying to sort through things at the campsite.
Get to Know Your RV
Most modern RVs are complex machines that have multiple interconnected systems and appliances. Getting to know how all of these work is part of being a responsible RV owner. Spend some time with your owner’s manual and experiment with the different systems before you leave so you can be confident you know how to do even simple things like refill the propane, turn on the furnace, fill the RV with water, etc. It’s helpful to keep a simple toolkit in your RV. That way, if something breaks while you’re on the road, you’ll be able to at least attempt fixing it.
Practice Driving/Towing
Getting a little practice behind the wheel of your new RV is very important before you head out with it fully loaded with gear. Try spending some time in an empty parking lot practicing your parking, turning, braking, and reversing. This is especially important if you’re towing a travel trailer as the driving dynamics are so much different from those of driving without a trailer.
Find Time for Relaxation

Above all, make sure you find time to relax and enjoy yourself. Thinking about all of your plans and preparing meals and taking care of all the work that comes with RV camping trips can be exhausting. But you’re still on vacation, so don’t let the opportunity to relax slip past!

If you have more questions, or you’re looking for a new RV, stop by Lone Star RV in Houston, Texas. We’re located near Katy, Galveston, League City, Beaumont, and Conroe, Texas, so stop by today!

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