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Holiday Cooking In Your RV

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A key part of many holiday celebrations is the meal. There’s cake on birthdays, turkey on Thanksgiving, and so on. If you’re on the road during a holiday, you can still celebrate with your favorite meal!

We’ve created the following guide to holiday cooking in your camper, helping you make the most of limited space and groceries. If you have questions or want to shop RVs for sale in Texas, contact Lone Star RV. Our dealership is located in Houston, Texas, and we also serve those in Katy.

Create Your Holiday Cooking Plan

Holiday cooking can get complicated, especially if there are other holiday-related activities you are also coordinating. A plan can help keep the process organized, efficient, and low stress. Try to make the plan before your vacation, rather than during.

Start with the meals you want to cook. Then, identify:

  • The ingredients you will need
  • The appliances you will use
  • Any special serving dishware you need to pack
  • What time you should start cooking
  • The number of people you are serving


Of course, you don’t have to tackle everything on your own. See if other members of your traveling party can chip in, such as handling an appetizer or dessert.

Prepare Dishes In Advance

Some of your holiday cooking can be done in your home kitchen. This approach comes with many perks, including:

  • Getting access to all your utensils and appliances
  • Having more counter space to work with
  • Cutting down on the time spent cooking on your vacation
  • Try prepping meals the night before your vacation or the morning before you hit the road. Many dishes, such as dips and spreads, can be easily made in advance.
Get Creative With Heating Up Food

When you tackle holiday cooking at home, you likely have more room and appliances at your disposal. When you are holiday cooking in your RV, you will want to get creative.

Many of the dishes you usually would cook in the oven can be prepared somewhere else. For example, try making sweet potatoes on the stove, grilling veggies on your portable grill, and using an Instant Pot to cook the rice.

Don't Forget About Your Four-Legged Family Members

Your pets can join in on the holiday fun as well! But make sure you only serve them food that is safe for them to eat. You can look up pet-friendly dishes or ask your veterinarian for advice. Or you can simply pick up some holiday-themed treats at your local pet store.

Looking to explore RVs for sale in Texas? Check out the selection at Lone Star RV. We can go over the various models and financing options, helping to make the shopping process easy. Peruse the campers online or stop by our dealership in Houston, Texas. We are also proud to serve those in Katy, Texas.

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