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How To Choose A Travel Trailer

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If you want diversity and plenty of options in a recreational vehicle, look to the travel trailer. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, with prices to suit every budget. They make an excellent first RV for people who want to move away from tent or cabin camping.

With so much variety, though, choosing your first travel trailer can be a real challenge. That’s why your friends at Lone Star RV here in Houston have listed some tips to help you determine what you need to look for while you’re shopping around!

What Size?

The size of your travel trailer will depend on a few factors, and one of these is the type of towing vehicle you already have. Maybe you have a pretty big truck, so you can go with a bigger and more expansive travel trailer. But maybe you have a smaller SUV, so you’ll want a more compact teardrop option instead.

Obviously, the amount of interior space is going to differ mightily between these two extremes, and you may find you need to invest in a bigger towing vehicle to get the trailer size you want, so this may factor into your final budget.

How Many Campers?
If you’re traveling by yourself or with a friend or partner, you likely won’t need a lot of space and you’ll only need one bed. But if you’ve got a big family, you’ll have to do the math to determine how many beds are necessary, whether you’ll need an extra private bedroom for picky teenagers or if you’ll want to have a spare bunk or two for the occasional guest traveler.
Which Amenities?

The number of people and the length of time you’ll spend in your travel trailer will let you know what types of amenities you might need. A weekend trip for two might only require the absolute basics: a bed, some storage space, a bathroom, a kitchenette.

But more people and more time spent on the road will necessitate more amenities like a more residential-style kitchen, entertainment centers, climate control options and more furnishings and storage areas. Think about how you like to travel so you can pick a travel trailer that will have everything you need.

For all your recreational vehicle needs, visit Lone Star RV in Houston, Texas. We proudly serve the cities of West University Point and Bellaire, too!

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