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Your recreational vehicle serves as your home when you’re on the road, providing you with a comfortable and safe place to rest and recuperate after a day’s adventuring. But sometimes, you may take a look at your rig and feel like it just doesn’t say “you.” The bland factory color schemes and standard furnishings aren’t always customizable, so if you want your RV to look like something you want to come home to, then you’ll have to personalize it yourself.

Fortunately, personalizing your RV isn’t too difficult! Lone Star RV, serving Houston, is more than happy to provide the following tips on customizing your camper to your liking. Come see us if you have any questions after you’re done reading.

Add Color

Those drab beiges, browns, whites and grays from the factory simply don’t inspire a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings in most people. Color is a good way to customize a space and brighten it up, giving it more life. You can go about adding color in a number of ways. One easy thing to do is to paint an accent wall in a shade you like.

Maybe you want a soft pastel or perhaps you want something bold and primary, or you may like some of the trendy coral and teal shades that are currently popular. You can then add complementary colors in your decor. Some people may even choose to paint the interior white and add pops of color here and there with colorful shelving and knickknacks.

Purchase Houseplants
If you’ve got a green thumb, then you can indulge in it on the road just as well as you can at home! Sure, you don’t have the yard for a huge vegetable garden, but you can add a few houseplants or even a small planter of herbs in sunny spots on your rig. Make sure the pots won’t break and that they’re secured while you travel. Also, remember to water and tend to them as needed. Plants will provide some lush greenery and will also help keep the air clean by removing carbon dioxide, so it’s a win-win!
Soften Things Up

Vinyl furnishings may be easy to clean, but they don’t really inspire feelings of hearth and home. Fix that by adding some blankets and pillows to soften things up. A plush fleece throw of your favorite sports team or your grandmother’s hand-pieced quilt can be draped over a seat to make it instantly more cozy.

Throw pillows in coordinating colors can tie into your decor scheme and give you a comfy place to nap or read while lying down. And what kid doesn’t love a pillow to hug while watching a movie? You might even include your child’s favorite plush toys on the couch to keep watch while you’re out hiking.

You can even take this to the walls! Add some fabric or macramé wall hangings over a boring piece of wall to brighten it up. Replace the standard window drapery with some gauzy curtains that let in lots of light, or maybe even a sparkly beaded curtain for fun! Throw around a few crocheted doilies for a vintage touch, too.

We hope our guide helps you make your RV a much more inviting place that you love to return to at the end of a long day. Still in search of the perfect camper? Come by our Houston dealership to take a tour of our stock of new and used RVs and campers for sale. We also provide parts and service departments to help you keep your rig in good condition. Lone Star RV proudly serves the city of Katy, Texas.

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