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If you’re thinking of buying your first or next RV, there are some key factors to consider. After all, you want to find a rig with the right features for the right price. One important factor you’ll need to address is whether you’re going to invest in a new or used RV.

There are some great perks to both of these options. Lone Star RV has created this guide to help you decide which one is right for you. When you’re ready to browse our used and new RVs, visit us in Houston, TX.

The Benefits of New

Many buyers prefer a new RV for obvious reasons. One major advantage is the peace of mind that comes with a new model. When a recreational vehicle is fresh from the factory, the overall construction and all of the parts are brand new. This means you won’t have to worry about dealing with major problems that lead to costly repairs. Even if you do run into a snag, it’s most likely going to be covered under warranty, especially during the first few years of ownership.

This is one of the reasons that new RVs are so popular with experienced owners. These are the people who know exactly what they want and need from a rig and they’re not afraid to spend the extra money to get it. Not to mention that these veteran campers tend to be a bit older with higher incomes and larger savings.

Another reason so many people prefer a new RV is because it’s shiny and new. It’s hard to be the confidence boost you get when you know that everything is in pristine condition. You’ll also get all the latest technology and amenities that will make you feel right at home on the road. No matter what your motivation is for choosing a new RV, you can feel good knowing that you’re going to get an amazing rig out of it.

The Benefits of Used

As shiny and fancy as a new RV might be, there are still many solid reasons to go with a pre-owned model instead. Even rigs that are still relatively new will be much more affordable than a new one. You’ll still have access to many great features, sizes, and styles to choose from. Gently used RVs will often still have the latest gadgets, too.

This is especially useful for new buyers who are still trying to determine what they want in a camper. As you experiment with different features, styles, and driving preferences, you don’t want to spend top dollar on a rig that you may not like after a while. You’ll want to be able to pay it off as quickly as possible so you can upgrade sooner to something you enjoy more. This is where cheaper, used RVs can be an excellent choice.

You also have access to more feedback when it comes to pre-owned models. In addition to the vehicle history, you can also check out review websites on the specific model year you’re looking at. This will give you a chance to see how it performs and if there are any recurring issues you want to avoid. You can get a good idea of what to expect by seeing what other owners have to say. You might be surprised to learn that something as simple as the way a vehicle is constructed can lead to complications sooner or later no matter what condition it’s in.

Ready to explore new and used RVs for sale in Houston, TX? Give us a call or visit us at Lone Star RV today! We’re also proud to serve those in Katy.

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