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Let’s Set Up Your Pop-Up Camper

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Pop-up campers are the unacknowledged children of tents and RVs, combining the ease and portability of a tent and the amenities and durability of a trailer. There’s security to be found in the solid steel body and an openness in the canvas pop-up. Best of all, they’re extremely affordable compared to a motorhome or larger travel trailer. It might seem like extra work to set one up, but it’s actually a simple process that isn’t much different than deploying any number of features on fuller RVs.

At Lone Star RV, we strive for outstanding customer service, which is why we’ve put together this short guide for setting up your pop-up camper.

While setup might differ from model to model, the general idea will remain the same. Check your owner’s manual for more information. If you have any further questions about pop-up campers, or you just want to take a look at our great selection of new and used RVs, stop by one of our locations in Houston, Texas.

Level It Out
Start with pulling your camper onto clear, level ground. It’s important not to park on an incline or unstable ground. This will help keep things inside stable and prevent you from rolling around in the middle of the night. Being clear of trees is also important, as is proximity to fire pits and electrical hookups. Once you have your camper where you want it, use wheel chocks to keep it from moving around while you finish setting up. Then unhitch the camper from your tow vehicle and use the A-frame jack to further level the trailer and eventually to lower it to the ground. Use a carpenter’s level if your hitch doesn’t have its own, as you’ll want to be precise here.
Crank It Up
Release the latches on the roof and slide the handle on the crankshaft. Begin turning it clockwise and keep going until you feel it stop. Check to see if the roof is completely raised. Do not overcrank! If the roof hasn’t fully extended and there’s too much resistance on the crankshaft, you might have a problem bigger than an unextended roof.
Pop It Out

Next, release the corner stabilizing jacks and put the jack handles in the holes above the release. Apply pressure until they rest firmly on the ground. Don’t use the stabilizing jacks to level your camper! They’re just there for stabilization, and putting too much stress on them could do serious damage to your equipment. Now attach the bunk braces to the trailer body and lip of the bunk. Once they’re in place, pull out the bunks. The bunk braces should lock into a clip under the bunk exterior.

Attach any securing cords underneath the bunks. Inside the camper, attach the supports to the roof latch, and then push gently to raise the canvas above the bunks. Undo the latches that hold the door to the roof and let the door swing down. Connect it to the door by lining up the side tabs, and then snap the bracket closed. Turn down any retainers on top of the door to seal the top. Finally, fasten the canvas around the support bars outside.

Your pop-up should now be ready to hook up to any available utilities. Your camper should have its own specifications available in the owner’s manual for setting up heat and water, so make sure to read and follow them closely. And if you still need to get yourself a new or used pop-up, motorhome, or other RV, stop by one of our Lone Star RV locations in Houston, Texas. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to answer all your questions and help you into your dream RV. Come in today!

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