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Top 10 Things to Keep in Your RV

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When you’re new to the RV lifestyle, preparations often involve a mix of anxiety and excitement. You want to bring along all the gear you want and need while minimizing the amount of stuff that will sit in its cabinet for the whole trip.

After years of camping trips, we here at Lone Star RV have identified a few items that you might not always think about but that never fail to come in handy. Bring some of these items along on your next trip. If you need any parts or services for your RV before you head out, stop by our Houston, Texas dealership. We proudly serve communities like Conroe, Beaumont, League City, Galveston, and Katy, Texas. Give us a call to learn more!

French Press
A French press is a perfect device for making coffee on the road because you don’t need anything besides coffee grounds and hot water to make a delicious cup of joe. With drip coffee pots and many other devices, you’ll need a paper filter and an electrical outlet. Even if you rely on a coffee pot for your everyday coffee, it’s smart to tuck a French press into an empty corner of your RV so you’ll have a backup.
Solar Device Charger
A small solar charger can help you charge up a phone or radio in case of emergencies. Whether you’re in the middle of an off-the-grid camping trip or simply at a campground experiencing a power outage, one of these small tools will come in handy when you need it.
Extension Cables
If you do have an electrical grid to plug into, you might as well take advantage of it. Even the best RVs might not put an outlet exactly where you need it every time. Just think about all the places you use extension cords in your house and you’ll start to realize how helpful it is to have some extra extension cords around.
Dutch Oven
Dutch ovens are one of the most versatile cooking devices ever. You can use them for deep frying, for boiling, for sauteing, and even for baking. The deep sides and large volume can even allow a Dutch oven to work as an outdoor basin for small washing and cleaning tasks.
Lithium Jump Starter
You don’t want to get stuck away from civilization due to a dead battery, so make sure to bring along a lithium jump starter. This device will give you a solid jump start for getting your tow vehicle or motorhome running in a jiffy.
Brass Y Valve
Many campsites offer a water connection with only a single spigot. While that will be enough for hooking water up to your camper, you won’t be able to have an extra hose. A brass Y valve will let you split the fresh water spigot so you can do more.
Programmable Pressure Cooker
The modern equivalent of the Dutch oven is the programmable pressure cooker. While it’s certainly dependent on electricity, this smart pot will allow you to steam rice or vegetables, slow cook meats and braise meat or vegetables, pressure cook beans and other dishes, and much more. Many programmable pressure cookers offer seven or more programs.
Camp chairs are often sort of comfortable, but they generally don’t stack up well to the lounging capabilities of a recliner or home chair. For many people, hammocks are extremely comfortable. And since hammocks are also extremely packable, you don’t have to sweat over the decision to bring them along.
Folding Table
Many RVs simply don’t have the space for large counter areas and dining areas. A folding table is a highly portable way to expand your workspace. They also work great both indoors and outdoors.
Flameless Candles
Bring along some of these items on your next camping trips! For all your RV maintenance needs, stop by Lone Star RV. Located in Houston, we proudly serve the areas of Conroe, Beaumont, League City, Galveston, and Katy, Texas.

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