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If you’ve begun shopping for a recreational vehicle, you’ve likely become overwhelmed by the sheer selection available to you on the market. For those who wish to get a towable RV, we’d like to recommend looking into toy haulers. These vehicles boast plenty of storage with comfortable living quarters to match.

Lone Star RV, located in Houston, Texas, is proud to be your local toy hauler dealer. Read on to learn more about toy haulers and how they’re a great buy for any avid RVer.

A Variety of Uses

Toy haulers are specifically designed to be used to haul “toys” (powersports vehicles, like ATVs or motorcycles) from place to place, either for competitions or for recreational off-roading purposes. To this end, they are built with a separate enclosed cargo bay at the rear of the trailer with a fold-down gate to allow easy loading of such items.

However, a toy hauler can be used in a number of different ways outside of this. Hunters can use them to transport guns and other necessities to their hunting grounds, then dress the animal in the easy-to-clean cargo bay. Those who work in landscaping or construction can use the front of a toy hauler as an office or breakroom on a worksite, while transporting necessary gear and power tools in the cargo bay. You can transport a great number of items in the cargo bay, actually.


All toy haulers come with the basics for comfortable living on the road: the front of the trailer has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, along with some storage space.

Modern features may include flat-screen TVs, entertainment centers, heating and air conditioning, and so forth. Some models are more bare-bones in this regard, while others are quite elaborate and may boast more storage space or more sleeping berths.

The living quarters are, by necessity, a little smaller than those you might find on other RVs, simply because the trailer also accommodates the enclosed cargo bay at the rear. The cargo bay is made to be durable and rugged, able to withstand muddy wheels and heavy items. A rear gate can often fold down into a ramp to allow for easy loading of whatever it is you plan to haul.

Come on down to see us at our location in Houston and check out our available selection of new and used toy haulers for sale. Lone Star RV also proudly serves those in Katy, Texas.

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