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Pop-Up Tent Trailers – The Must-Have Accessories

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Want to take full advantage of a pop-up tent trailer? The following aftermarket accessories will help!

We’ve gathered up the top items that pop-up tent trailer owners should consider getting. For more suggestions or to shop pop-up tent trailers for sale, visit Lone Star RV. Our dealership is based in Houston, Texas, and we also serve those in Katy.

Before You Begin

If you haven’t purchased a pop-up tent trailer yet, you can look for a model that includes as many of your desired accessories as possible. It’s often cheaper to buy a pop-up tent trailer with the features included than it is to buy or install that item later.

All pop-up tent trailer owners will want to prioritize compact and/or collapsible items. When a pop-up tent trailer is folded down, there is limited storage space available. You don’t want to buy accessories and then realize they won’t fit into the RV when it’s being towed to the campground!

A Lift System

Manual lifting may be required for some pop-up tent trailers, which can be tedious! Setting up the RV at the campsite takes longer and so does tearing down at the end of the vacation. 

That’s where a lift system enters the picture. It’ll make the pop-up tent trailer set-up/tear-down process much faster and easier.

A Heater

Pop-up tent trailers are intentionally built with thin walls. Otherwise, they would be incredibly difficult to fold up and down! 

This does inevitably lead to less insulation in these RVs, which can make the interior colder. A heater helps warm up the rooms and keep everyone cozy. Plus, it’s a more space-saving strategy than using heavy or heated blankets to be warmer.

A Portable Generator
Some pop-up tent trailers lack a generator. Rather than resign yourself to dry camping, you can buy a portable generator. Get the power you need for devices and appliances, such as an air conditioner. There are small and compact generators that will take up minimal space while providing plenty of power.
An RV Cover

A cover for your pop-up tent trailer is a wise investment. It will keep the RV cleaner, which helps cut down on the number of times you will need to wash the camper. It also helps prevent damage from debris build-up, mold and mildew growth, harsh sun rays, pests, and more. This can reduce the money spent on RV maintenance and repairs, saving you money in the long run.

Want to shop for pop-up tent trailers for sale? Check out the selection at Lone Star RV. See the models online or at our dealership in Houston, Texas. We also proudly serve those in Katy, Texas.

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