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A used camper can be a great match for many different families: those on a tighter budget, those new to the RV lifestyle, those wanting more options, the list goes on and on! Keep reading to learn about the perks of getting a pre-owned model, then visit Lone Star RV to shop used RVs for sale. Our dealership is based in Houston, Texas, and we also serve those in Katy.

1. You Want To Spend Less Money

Most people choose a used RV for one reason – the drastically lower price point.

It’s all due to deprecation.

Campers start losing value the moment they leave the dealership. This happens even if the model rarely leaves home and is well-maintained.

In other words, there are plenty of like-new used campers available that are a fraction of their original price. Get an RV that suits your family, but spend significantly less money on the sticker price.

2. You Get to Skip the First Year Problems

Even the highest quality RVs can face problems during the first year or so of ownership. Factory defects can and do happen. That’s why campers come with warranties that prevent buyers from having to pay to fix issues caused during the manufacturing process.

When you get a used RV, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of first year problems. The previous owner will have already taken the camper to the dealership to get whatever parts replacements or repairs solved. You won’t need to spend that time shuttling the RV to the service department and waiting for the fix. Instead, spend that time actually using the camper on the open road!

3. You Get More Options

RV manufacturers only create a handful of new models each year. But there are always used RVs being added to a dealership’s inventory! When you shop for used RVs, you get a larger array of choices.

Anyone can enjoy more options, but it’s especially helpful for those with more specific needs and wants. The more unique the feature, the less likely it will be found on a given model. For example, maybe you have a giant group of people and need an RV that can accommodate 10 passengers. If you only have a few choices to consider, odds are lower that you can find a match. If you shop for used RVs, you will get a larger number of options and it will be easier to find a good fit.

Ready to shop used RVs for sale? Lone Star RV carries a range of campers and our expert staff can help you find the best match for your family. Contact us or stop by our dealership in Houston, Texas. We also proudly serve those in Katy, Texas.

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