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The Benefits of Lightweight and Compact RVs

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Do you really need a massive, heavy camper? Or would a lightweight and compact RV better suit your family?

Many travelers, especially those 35 to 54 years old, choose a smaller model. There are plenty of perks that go along with downsized campers, which we discuss below. For more information or to shop RVs for sale, visit Lone Star RV. Our dealership is based in Houston, Texas, and we also serve those in Katy.

Easier Towing Experience
A smaller RV will be much easier to tow. You won’t be wrestling against a behemoth of a camper on a winding road or windy day. Instead, enjoy a less stressful drive. The lower weight of the RV means less impact on the tow vehicle’s turning radius, stopping distance, etc. Anyone can enjoy a hassle-free drive, but especially those new at towing campers!
Better Gas Mileage

Your tow vehicle will need to burn less fuel when towing a lightweight and compact RV. Travel the same distance, but spend less money on gas. 

Plus, you’ll need to stop less often to fill up. Spend more time on the road and get to your destination earlier. This is especially helpful when traveling in more rural areas where gas stations can be fewer and farther apart.

Increased Campground Access

Some campgrounds cannot accommodate massive rigs at all. Others may allow giant campers, but only have a limited number of spots available that quickly book out.

With a lightweight and compact RV, enjoy the widest range of campground options. It’ll be much easier to book a stay with the large selection of choices available!

Lower Cost

Lightweight and compact RVs are more budget-friendly in a few ways.

First, they cost less money upfront. Fewer materials went into the construction of smaller campers, which means they cost less for the manufacturer to make and will be offered at a lower price point.

Second, they cost less to insure since they are more affordable for the insurance company to replace.

Third, they have a lower cost of ownership. You’ll need less electricity to light up the rooms, for example. Smaller rigs also tend to require less maintenance, which results in lower upkeep costs.

Easy Storage

The camper needs to go somewhere when it’s not in use. It’s easy to fit lightweight and compact RVs into a garage, shed, or driveway. There’s no need to pay expensive off-site storage fees!

Ready to shop RVs for sale? Explore the selection at Lone Star RV. Our expert staff can help you find the perfect sized camper for your family. Contact us or stop by our dealership in Houston, Texas. We also proudly serve those in Katy, Texas.

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