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The Benefits of a Fifth Wheel’s Size

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Fifth wheels are the largest towable RV options. They utilize a gooseneck hitch, which gets installed into a truck’s bed. This overlap between the camper and the tow vehicle leads to impressive stability and allows the fifth wheel to be safely built larger and heavier than other RVs.

The bigger size of fifth wheels affects the camping experience in many positive ways. Read on to learn more, then visit Lone Star RV to shop for fifth wheels for sale. Our dealership is located in Houston, Texas.

Improved Meal Preparation

A big part of the camping experience is the meals you will eat. Odds are, you don’t have the time and money to eat out for every meal.

Fortunately, cooking inside a fifth wheel is a breeze! Between the larger refrigerator and larger pantry, there is plenty of room for ingredients. The large amount of counter space makes it easy to utilize appliances such as crock pots or Instant Pots. The extra space even makes it easier for multiple people to assist in cooking the meal, which helps cut down on the preparation time and work.

Improved Time Inside the RV

Sure, an RV vacation is about spending time outside. But there will inevitably be plenty of time spent inside the camper too.

With a fifth wheel, that time inside is much more comfortable. Living spaces are built larger. The extra space also allows campers to move about without tripping over each other. Enjoy lounging about in the living room without feeling cramped. The inside of a fifth wheel feels more like your home-away-from-home!

Improved Time Outside the RV

The extra space found on fifth wheels also leads to larger closets. It’s easy to bring a variety of clothing so you can be ready for any weather changes. Pack extra layers in case it gets cold, lightweight clothing in case it gets hot, waterproof clothing in case it rains, and so on. Whatever the weather ends up being, you will be prepared and still able to enjoy outdoor adventures.

Fifth wheels have increased storage space, so you can also pack other items that improve your time outside. Bring a portable grill for cooking outside, folding chairs for sitting around the campfire, and any other outdoor items you want.

Ready to shop for fifth wheels for sale? Check out the selection at Lone Star RV. We carry a range of campers to suit a range of needs. Our expert staff is always happy to answer questions and provide tailored recommendations, which helps make the shopping process much easier. See the models online or at our dealership in Houston, Texas. We also proudly serve those in Katy, Texas.

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