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Tips for RV Camping With Your Kids

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You bought your RV to create a lot of great memories with your family, and your children were the first thing you thought of when you picked bought it. Today’s recreational vehicles feature a lot of great amenities for the entire family, and they come with a host of great safety features. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you enjoy a safe RV camping trip with your kids.

Teach Your Kids the Rules
RV safety is everyone’s responsibility, and your children will always appreciate being involved in the process. Teach them the habit of buckling up as soon as their little fingers can work the seat belts, and give them the power to hold you and your spouse accountable in case you forget to set a good example. Everyone needs to remain seated while the RV is in motion, and the driver should never be distracted. Children are easier to keep quiet and entertained on the road in the era of the smartphone, but be patient with them when they get fussy.
Lock Everything Down

You already have enough  experience driving to know that anything that’s not secured in a vehicle can turn into a weapon when you come to a sudden stop. That’s even truer in a large RV full of people and gear. Your RV already has cabinets designed to remain secure while the vehicle is in motion, but you should line the shelves with anti-skid lining. You should also be careful when you open cabinets after you stop. Cords, cables, and anything that dangles should be secured, and you should always look around for anything loose before you get back on the road. Make sure that your emergency escape window is clear and that the red handle is visible and operational.

We hope that these tips have been helpful. For more information or to see our current inventory of RVs for sale, visit Lone Star RV in Houston, TX. We proudly serve all those in Katy, TX, so stop by today!

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