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As important as your travel trailer is to your family and to making new memories on new adventures, there are a number of other benefits to owning one. Consider what happens if you find yourself in a disaster situation. Texas is well known for being in the disaster zone of hurricanes and we’ve had our fair share of flooding. A travel trailer is a great way to be prepared in case disaster strikes. You’ll have the benefit of places to sleep and being able to stop whenever you need to. Just make sure your travel trailer is ready for that moment.

Lone Star RV cares about your safety, so we’ve provided you with some of the basics of disaster preparation. You’re also going to want to make sure your travel trailer is in peak working condition so stop by our location in Houston. We proudly serve North and South Houston near Conroe, Beaumont, Wharton, and Katy, Texas.

Your Emergency Plan

Before the next hurricane season, make sure you have a plan in place. Start by planning out a number of locations you can go that are both accessible and out of the way. Keep in mind that your travel trailer will not protect you from the disaster, it will only help you evade it. Follow all evacuation notices and protocols as they come up.

You might be able to find a campground with open spots, but you probably won’t be the only one looking to avoid disaster with your travel trailer or RV. If you plan to find the first available campsite, you’ll have the advantage of a smaller RV so you won’t be as limited on options. You may still have to drive a while before you find something, though. Consider reserving a spot the moment you hear a hurricane or other disaster may be headed your way. If you know it’s going to take a day or two to get to the campground, find other places you can stop for the night. If you’re going to a shelter, make sure it can accommodate travel trailers. No matter what your plan is, just make sure you have one ahead of time. Disasters are stressful and scary and you won’t want to add to your problems by scrambling to find shelter.

Everyone has a Job
No matter how prepared you are, when you know it’s time to go, you’ll want to make sure you can leave quickly and efficiently. Give everyone in your household a job to do. Consider having one person be in charge of the pets, one person bring along medications, one person secure the house as you leave, etc. This will help you leave faster with less to do and worry about. You’ll want to make sure your family is ready at a moment’s notice, so consider practicing your emergency evacuation chores once a month.
Prepare your Travel Trailer for Emergencies
As we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to make sure your travel trailer is ready for an emergency. The last thing you want is to have your travel trailer breakdown on the road and have to quickly come up with a plan B. The upside to living in the Houston region is that our most common natural disaster is predictable. While it’s good practice to regularly maintain your travel trailer, this will be essential for safely evacuating if a hurricane is headed your way. Even if you’re not in the storm’s path, your city may feel residual effects, including flooding. Fill up your fuel tank, check your oil, and get any necessary repairs fixed. Also empty the black and gray water tanks and fill the fresh water tank.
Travel Trailer Emergency Kit

While some things you’ll have  to load onto the travel trailer as you’re leaving, try to get it as ready as possible ahead of time. Give yourself enough food and water for a week, including supplies for your pets. A good way to prepare ahead of time is to stock up on nonperishables and freeze-dried foods. Make sure there’s plenty of propane for cooking. Also keep a battery-powered or hand-crank radio handy so no matter what happens, you’ll stay informed of weather conditions. You’ll also want extra gas, especially if someone else will be driving a primary vehicle.

Keep in mind your house may not survive the disaster. Use your travel trailer to protect any important documents, including birth and marriage certificates, vehicle registrations, and insurance policies. You’ll also want your financial records, home ownership papers, and any other important papers you’ll want to save. Even though you should grab these things before you leave, keep copies of them in your travel trailer in case you rush without them. Also remember you may not have access to a grocery store for some time, so prepare your travel trailer with first aid kits, basic toolkits, and any other helpful supplies to keep you going for at least a week.

While hurricanes are a big problem for the Houston area, they aren’t our only concern, so you’ll want to make sure your travel trailer and family are ready at a moment’s notice. Odds are, you’ll think of something we didn’t, so adjust our suggestions as needed. If you find you’d like to own a travel trailer to make disaster prevention easier for you, stop by Lone Star RV in Houston, Texas and check out the models on our storeroom floor right now. We welcome all current and future RV owners from the areas of North and South Houston, Conroe, Beaumont, Wharton, and Katy, Texas.

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